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Macau Capital Investments, Inc. Ticker (MCIM) is a waste management assets holdings company. ECO Medical Waste Holdings, Inc. (“the Company”) is a Texas based corporation, wholly owned subsidiary of Macau Capital Investments that provides solid waste and medical waste removal services to customers in its targeted market.  

Medical Waste, Refuse and Green Technologies

Macau Capital Investments is a Medical Waste and Solid Waste Management Holding Company. We are building our portfolio of operating waste disposal companies through acquisitions and New development. We are looking at Waste to Energy technologies and other sustainable waste initiatives.

The Company’s missions is keeping neighborhoods clean  through solid waste removal and safe medical waste disposal. We are actively seeking acquisition of waste management companies and particularly medical waste companies, a market  that has huge profit margins and will continue offering residential, commercial and construction & demolition solid waste removal services with an emphasis on eco friendly recycling.  As a green company we encourage all our customers to re-purpose, reuse and recycle.

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